Luxury Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set The Flower Collection

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Luxury Organic Bath Bomb Set The Flower Collection

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Luxury Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set

The Flower Collection.

The Flower Collection is a luxurious collection of scented organic bath bombs that have been hand made with the finest organic ingredients including sumptuous essential oils that smell divine, and will leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised.

Laid-back Lavender

Organic Lavender Bath Bomb

Lay back and soak with this lavender bath bomb filled with essential oils to soothe muscular pain, calm the mind and help aid a restful nights sleep. The perfect treat before bedtime.

Lavish Lilly

Organic Lilly Bath Bomb

Guaranteed to make everything “all white!”  Enjoy the soft floral undertones of this bath bomb whilst your mind is whisked away to a hot summers afternoon. The sweet and delicate scent will soothe your senses and put a spring in your step.

Rose Tinted Glasses

Organic Rose Bath Bomb

Who wouldn’t want to smell like roses?  A beautifully balanced rose scented bath bomb, packed with dried rose petals to heighten your bath time experience.  Lay back and enjoy life through Rose Tinted Glasses!

Tulip Kisses

Organic Tulip Bath Bomb

Experience the alluring floral scents of Tulip Kisses as you float your woes away. This cheeky bath bomb will leave you not only smelling great but feeling rather loved!


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