Luxury Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set The Fruit Collection

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Luxury Organic Bath Bomb Set The Fruit Collection

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Luxury Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set

The Fruit Collection.

The Fruit Collection is a luxurious collection of scented organic bath bombs that have been hand made with the finest organic ingredients including sumptuous essential oils that smell divine, and will leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised.

Apple Sensation

Organic Apple Bath Bomb

An Apple Sensation bath bomb a day will keep the doctor away. We can’t actually guarantee this but we can guarantee that this fruity ensemble will leave you feeling fruity fresh!

Cherry Bomb

Organic Cherry Bath Bomb

Lay back, chill out and drop that Cherry Bomb! Enjoy the explosion of rejuvenating cherry scents.

Lemon Sherbet

Organic Lemon Bath Bomb

When life gives you lemons, why not start your day with a Lemon Sherbet  bath bomb? Its citrus scents will leave you feeling energised for the day ahead whilst your skin is left feeling squeaky clean and refreshed.

Mucho Mandarin

Organic Mandarin Bath Bomb

Make time for yourself with Mucho Mandarin and its beautifully uplifting tangy scents. Not only will it leave your skin smelling sweet but your mood too.


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